Wednesday, July 10, 2013

IRAM136-3063B Integrated Power Hybrid IC for High Voltage Motor Applications

International   Rectifier's   IRAM136-3063B   is   a   30A,   600V   Integrated   Power   Hybrid   IC   with   Internal   Shunt . Resistor for Appliance Motor Drives applications such air conditioning systems and compressor drivers as well as for light industrial application. IR's technology offers an extremely compact, high performance AC motor driver in a single isolated package to simplify design. 

This advanced HIC is a combination of IR's low VCE(on) Punch-Through IGBT technology and the industry 
benchmark 3-Phase high voltage, high speed driver in a fully isolated thermally enhanced package. A built-in   temperature   monitor   and   over-current   and   over-temperature   protections,   along   with   the   short-circuit rated   IGBTs   and   integrated   under-voltage   lockout   function,   deliver   high   level   of   protection   and   failsafe operation. Using a new developed single in line package (SiP3) with heat spreader for the power die along with full transfer mold structure minimizes PCB space and resolves isolation problems to heatsink. 

• Integrated Gate Drivers
• Temperature Monitor and Protection
• Overcurrent shutdown
• Low VCE(on) Advance Planar Super Rugged Technology
• Undervoltage lockout for all channels
• Matched propagation delay for all channels
• 5V Schmitt-triggered input logic
• Cross-conduction prevention logic
• Lower di/dt gate driver for better noise immunity
• Motor Power up to 3.3kW / 85~253 Vdc
• Fully Isolated Package, Isolation 2000VRMS min

Absolute Maximum Ratings 

 Parameter                 Description                                                     Value               Units
 VCES / VRRM        IGBT/Diode Blocking Voltage                         600                  Volt
 V+                           Positive Bus Input Voltage                                450                  Volt
 I  @ T  =25°C         Maximum Output Current                                 30                    Ampere
  O     C
 I  @ T  =100°C       RMS Phase Current (Note 1)                           15                    Ampere
  O     C
 IO                          Pulsed RMS Phase Current (Note 2)                   50                   Ampere
FPWM                    PWM Carrier Frequency                                    20                   kHz
 P                            Power dissipation per IGBT @ T  =25°C            73                  W
  D                                                         C
VISO                      Isolation Voltage (1min)                                      2000                VRMS
 Tj  (IGBT & Diode & IC)    Maximum Operating Junction Temperature         +150        °C
 TC                        Operating Case Temperature Range                   -20 to +100              °C
 TSTG                    Storage Temperature Range                               -40 to +125              °C
 T                         Mounting torque Range (M4 screw)                       0.7 to 1.17            Nm