Tuesday, September 15, 2015

B5T-E-001-S(G) Human Vision Component OKAO with UART Interface

In this sensor modules and kits also has contained 10 Omron technology algorithm OKAO Vision Image Sensing. With this technology, allowing this sensor module to detect faces quickly and accurately.

Someone with a wide range of expression, expression and lighting conditions can be identified from the database of faces that have previously been registered / incorporated.
In the sales package, already included SDK (Software Development Kit) for development purposes.

The 10 sensing vision image in question:
1. Detecting the presence of the human body.
2. Detect hand.
3. Detecting the face.
4. Estimate the direction of the face.
5. Estimation of age.
6. Estimates of the sexes.
7. Estimates wink.
8. Estimated facial expressions (sadness, happiness, anger, surprise and neutral).
9. Face recognition.
10. Estimates direction eyes.