Thursday, September 10, 2015

66x9,8cm , Tricolor, indoor moving sign display

Moving sign that is able to produce text and images from a combination of three colors (RGB).

- Tricolor
- Area view: 66 cm x 9.8 cm (80 x 7 dots)
- Power supply: 5 VDC (adapter)
- The process of editing the display messages can be via remote control or a PC / computer
- There are several types of fonts, color mode display, animations, and display speed level (8-step)
- Can store 100 messages (00-99), the first message can be composed of a combination of text, animation, time information or the symbol
- Users can design their own graphics and logos for display (maximum of 8 forms)
- The process of filling the display RS-232 UART
- Equipped with features work time to set the time moving sign ON / OFF
- Equipped schedule feature to display a particular combination to display timing parameters
- Equipped beruba beep alarm features (number of beeps and alarm interval can be set)
- Completeness: moving sign, serial cables, adapters, brackets, remote control, CD program
- Dimensions: 66 cm x 9.8 cm