Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Xadow Wearable Kit For Intel® Edison

Xadow Wearable Kit for Intel Edison is a perfect kit to make wearable devices with Intel Edison. It includes an expansion board together with eight tiny and powerful Xadow modules, covering sensors, actuators, displays and communication parts. The connectivity through FFC makes it quite flexible for wearable projects. Based on the kit, you could build your own pedometer, thermometer and NFC enabled devices!

In the sales package includes:
- 1x Xadow - Expansion board
- 1x Xadow - Programmer
- 1x Xadow - SD Card
- 1x Xadow - Q Touch Sensor
- 1x Xadow - NFC
- 1x Xadow - Breakout
- 1x Xadow - Buzzer
- 1x Xadow - Vibration Motor
- 1x Xadow - OLED
- 1x Xadow - 3 Axis Accelerometer
- 1x Xadow - Barometer BMP 180
- 1x Battery
- 5x Digital RGB LED Flexi-strips
- 5x Power cable (red)
- 5x Power cable (white)
- 5x Power cable (yellow)
- 1x FFC Package
- 1x Handbook /Full Color Tutorial