Wednesday, September 16, 2015

HOVIS Lite Humanoid Robot

Introducing the HOVIS Lite Humanoid Robot. Next generation humanoid kit with the world's first interchangeable option between the omni wheel and the legs. Hovis Lite is an ultimate in mechatronics with multi-level software platform and Wi-Fi content terminal.

• Size: 348(H) x 175mm(W) 112mm(D)
• Weight: 1450g
• Flexibility: Standard 16 and expandable to 24
• Controller: Atmega 128 MCU
• Battery: 7.4V 2800mA Li-Po Battery
• Sensor: Distance Sensor included PSD
- Gyro sensor available as option (Sold separately)
• Remote: IR Remote Control included
- ZigBee available as option (Sold separately)
• Software: DR-Sim (3D Simulator)
- DR-Visual Logic (Task Editor)
• Expandable: Compatible with DRS-0201 (
- Full cover available as option (Sold Separately)
- Omni wheel conversion available (Sold Separately)
- 3.5" MID available as option (Sold Separately)