Thursday, September 10, 2015

73,5cm x 8cm Moving Sign Module (RMV-5016)

Moving Sign Module RMV-5016, 95x7 dot, pitch 7.5mm, Keyboard Interface

Moving Sign 16-character dot-matrix based are not equipped with packing (enclosure) metal / plastic.

- Power supply: 12VDC, 3A
- Not fitted with protective packaging
- Setting the display using the keyboard PS / 2 (keyboard PC)
- Red
- Capable of storing 8 pages (@ 34 short messages (31 messages @ 16 characters and 3 runs @ 160 character messages))
- Ability to display multiple animations that have been programmed.
- Integrated with internal RTC, so it can display the time in real-time.
- Dimensions: 73,5cm x 8cm x 4,3cm