Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kumotek KT-X

Kumotek KT-X PC Advanced Humanoid Robot.

Based on VisiON 4G technology
• Onboard PC and vision system
• 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor
• 60Mhz motor controller
• 20 Degree of Freedom
• 1.3 Megapixel CMOS camera

This is the Kumotek KT-X PC Advanced Humanoid Robot. KumoTek Robotics announces the launch of a new low cost bipedal humanoid robot platform for researchers. Based on the 5 years RoboCup award winning VisiON 4G technology, the all new 20 d.o.f. KT-X PC was developed with the concept of providing both PC and motor controller within an affordable bipedal robot frame. This robot incorporates 2 high end metal gear servos for enhanced stability, as well as an onboard PC, gyro/accelerometer sensors, networking capabilities and a high-resolution vision system. The blue pads provide effective shock absorption in case of falls.

The KT-X PC incorporates a 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor, memory expansion slots, video input for vision, speakers, a 60Mhz motor controller, 3 axis gyro/accelerometer chip, a 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera, 6 high-torque/titanium gear motors in the legs and an external urethane foam casing to protect the robots internal PC and equipment from shock.

The onboard PC and vision system allows researchers to expand their areas of research and development, previously limited to higher end equipment. Through reliable communication and network capabilities, manufacturer expect this product to be utilized as a new man-machine interface connecting people and robots.

• Degrees of Freedom: 20 axis (6 leg × 2, 3 arm × 2, 2 head)
• Servo: KT-S281J (6) KT-S092J (14)
• Main CPU: AXIOMTEK PICO820 Intel Atom Z530, 1.6GHz
• Sub-CPU: VS-RC003HV, ARM7 60MHz
• Sensors: VS-IX001×1 (2 axis gyro plus 3 axis accelerometer)
• Camera: 1.3 Mega Pixel (2 axis)
• Interface: USB2.0×2, RGB×1, LAN (10/100/1000MBase-TX) x 1
• Other Equip: Optional optical sensor & mp3 package