Friday, September 04, 2015

Sharp GP2Y0A710K0F

Sharp GP2Y0A710K0F IR Distance Sensor 100-550 cm w/ Cable

The proximity sensor can measure in the range of 100-550 cm by using the reflection of infrared light. By using the method of triangulation to calculate the measured distance, making this sensor can provide consistent data reading and reduce the disruption caused by the reflection surface, long working or ambient temperature. In the sales package, also included custom cable sensor connector 5-pin JST female headers are converted to a standard 3-pin. Sharp GP2Y0A710K0F has an analog voltage output that can be easily read by ADC simple (cheap) or pin I / O analog.

Some applications that can use this sensor include:
- Robot sensing objects remotely.
- Alarm system (security) for a certain distance.

Avg Current Consumption: 
100 to 500
Regional Exclusivity: 
Not sold in the United States.
Response Time: 
21.5 ms