Wednesday, September 16, 2015

HOVIS Genie Humanoid Robot

The HOVIS Genie Humanoid Robot is an ultimate robot among Hovis brothers as it has been designed to provide true home service for your daily life. Featured with MID (Mobile Internet Device) based on Android OS platform, Hovis Genie provides various home services solutions by interlocking robot motions with Android applications in our daily life at home, school, entertainment and even at our work.

• Speech Recognition
Genie recognizes and responds to greetings and various commands such as charge, special action, move, app execution and termination, emotional speech etc.

• Autonomous Motion
Genie has the ability to move on its own, stop when it encounters an obstacle, and interact with humans in various ways.

• MP3 Player
To play music download mp3 files to MID

• Camera and Gallery
Built in camera for taking photos and videos. Gallery to view photos and videos.

• Recorder
Built in recorder for recording voice memos.

• Wake Up Alarm and Information
Genie can wake you up with an alarm, provide you with an up to date weather and temperature information of the set location, and tell you your daily Google schedule and other customized information in an order set by the user.

• Remote Control
Install remote control app in your smartphone to monitor your home in realtime, take photos and control Genie from any location.

• Children's Songs, Stories Poems
Play contents made for children.

• Teaching basic life skills
Genie can help to teach young children basic life skills through educational contents and interactive games.

Multi-Level Programming Solutions For Hovis Genie
To satisfy various, different needs from educational/robotics research fields, manufacturer provides diversified multi-level programming tools, API, sample codes, software manuals and curriculum. Experience the world of robot programming through manufacturer multi-level programming solutions.

Robot Body
• Motor: 11 DOF
• Sensor: Obstacle Detection Sensor, Cliff Detection Sensor, IR Sensor, Touch Sensor, Tactile Sensor, Localization Sensor
• Drive Train: Omni-Directional Drive / Herkulex DRS-0102 3ea
• Network: IR Receiver Zigbee
• External Speakers: External 2 way stereo speaker (1W 2Ch)
• Battery Size: 7.4V / 3000mAh / Li-Po

• Display: 3.5'' TFT (480 x 320)
• Screen Input Method: Capacitive Full Touch
• Main Processor: MID - S5PC110, 1GHz
• Camera: Front Rear Camera
• Audio: 1 Ch MIC (MID Installed)
• Internal Memory: 256 MB
• External Memory: Micro SD 4G
• Network: Wi-Fi

• Remote Control: IR Type / Zigbee Remocon

• Size: 408.5mm (H) x 255mm (W) x 236.5mm (D)
• Weight: 3200g

• Touch Sensor
• Flash
• Distance Sensor
• IR Sensor
• Microphone
• Gyro Sensor
• Zigbee
• Controller
• Speaker
• Tact Switch
• Li-Po Battery (7.4V 3000mA)
• Charging Station Receptacle
• Obstacle Detection Sensor
• Charge Station