Monday, September 21, 2015

Basic I/O Shield

EMS Basic I / O Shield is an add-on module / board shield for Arduino ™ / Arduino ™ Compatible others. This shield can be used to study the output (LED, buzzer, Seven Segment, and the IR transmitter), input (Tactile Switch and Phototransistor), the ADC input (Variable Resistor), and the DAC output.

Shield is compatible with ArduinoTM Uno R3 / DT-AVR Uno R3 and R3 Mega ArduinoTM. Shield also supports ArduinoTM Leonardo / DT-AVR Leoduino, DT-AVR Unoduino, DT-AVR Inoduino, and DT-AVR Maxiduino (note the pin allocation).

  • 4 LED (Green, Blue, Yellow, Red) as an indicator light.
  • Buzzer as an audible indicator.
  • 2 digit Seven Segment as viewer numbers.
  • 2 Tactile Switch as input.
  • 1 pair of IR Transmitter and Phototransistor as object detection sensors.
  • 10K VR as input ADC.
  • As the AD5612 DAC.
  • Taking the power supply from the Arduino board.
  • Dimensions: 5.52 cm (P) x 5.33 cm (L) x 1.95 cm (T)