Saturday, September 10, 2016

TGS2603 Air Quality / Odor sensor

TGS2603 is a gas sensor which is suitable for application in the automotive, appliance air controller, and a smart home. This tool can detect gas contamination trimethylamine, methyl mercaptan and gases - other gases to the air we breathe.

- Target gas: Trimethylamine, methyl mercaptan, and others - others
- The detection range: 1 - 10ppm EtOH
- The principle of sensing: MOS Type
- Heating Voltage: 5 V
- Circuit voltage: 5 V
- Power consumption: 20 mW
- Dimensions: 9.2 × 7.8mm
- Weight: 1 gr
- Features: Low power consumption, sensitivity tinngi against sulfur gas, using a simple electric circuit