Sunday, September 25, 2016

ublox LEA-6H GPS Shield For Arduino

GPS Receiver Module that can be used indoors (indoor). Besides having a UART and USB interfaces, the module also has a pinout compatible with Arduino. In the sales package of this product already include the GPS module and a passive antenna. RTC integrated with Crystal to speed warm and hot starts.

  • The power supply 2,7VDC - 3,6VDC
  • Working frequency 1575.42 MHz
  • LEA-6H controller
  • 2.5 m CEP positioning accuracy (GPS), 2 m (SBAS)
  • Number of satellite reception of 50 channels
  • Hot start 1s
  • Warm start 29 s
  • Cold start 26 s
  • The data format NMEA, UBX binary, RTCM
  • UART, USB, DDC (I2C compliant)
  • Antenna (internal / external) external