Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SG5-UT Robotic Arm

SG5-UT(Ultra Torque) Robotic Arm
The SG5-UT, load balanced, robotic arm featuring all aluminum construction and the only fully expandable "smart grip" design components (detailed below). Feature for feature, the SG5 series presents the most powerful and sophisticated, all aluminum 5-axis robotic arm system available today.

Key Feature

All parts are precision CNC machined from .063 ga. 5052 brushed, sheet aluminum

The aluminum components are anodized to a smooth, scratch resistant, graphite finish using a type II anodizing process (the most impermeable finish next to military type III anodizing)
All servo pivot points use integrated pem stud pivot points. Pem studs are cylindrically shaped aluminum spacers that are pressed into the aluminum with over 300 pounds of pressure. Unlike other manufactures we do not use tape or glue in these critical stress areas (if your not sure, simply read their construction manuals.) Integrated pem nuts for ease of construction. Pem nuts are nuts that are pressed into the aluminum with over 200 lbs. of pressure. This makes

construction much easier and faster.
Pass thru holes and slots strategically located throughout the arm assembly for convenient wire routing.
2 integrated SPST switches for convenient power routing to servos and supporting electronics.
3 integrated mounting tabs for convenient attachment to your robotic platform
Tabs and Electronics
Accommodates all of the Parallax microcontroller boards including the BOE, BS2P40, BS2P24 and others.
The arm incorporates a custom engineered, counterbalanced retract system that effectively ensures maximum lifting and efficient servo power use both during operation and at rest. A counterbalanced arm is critical to ensure long servo life and maximum lifting power.

Sensor Engineered Grip Design

The most critical aspect of any robotic arm is in the design of the manipulator or gripper. A robotic arms usefulness and functionality is directly related to the arms ability to sense and successfully manipulate its immediate environment. We developed the gripper assembly to include the following critical design features:
The gripper assembly contains an integrated, adjustable electronics stand located above the gripper assembly to accommodate an array of CCD cameras, infrared sensors and other sensing electronics.

The gripper contains (4) integrated slots to accommodate multiple sensing opto-electronics components.
The ends of the gripper are rounded for an even gripping surface area regardless of the gripper angle relative to the object being grasped.
The gripper drive system consists of a high resolution, 60 tooth, heavy duty, resin gear train driven by a high torque HiTec HS 475 servo - All of these combined components are critical for firm, precise gripper manipulation of objects.
The rounded gripper ends can conveniently accommodate the "Flexiforce" pressure sensor for precise gripper pressure measurement and control.
1/16" volara, cross-linked polyethylene foam is used to line the inside of the gripper surface for maximum grip adhesion.