Sunday, June 01, 2008

Robotic fusion of technology and personality

Robosapien V2 is a highly evolved robotic fusion of technology and personality, combining fluid biomechanical motion with a multi-sensory, interactive humanoid personality. This 24” tall, second generation Robosapien is capable of autonomous “free roam” behavior, and includes the following features:

- Multiple levels of environmental interaction, with humans and objects
- Sight, sound and touch senses
- Humanoid body movements, including bending, sitting and standing, lying down and getting up, dancing, waving, martial arts …
- Speech: Responds verbally to environmental stimuli and to controller commands
- Color Vision System: Recognizes colors and skin tones
- Stereo Sound Detection System: “Hears” and reacts to sounds
- IR Vision: Detects and avoids obstacles; tracks moving objects
- True bi-pedal walking with multiple gaits
- Precision gripping, articulated fingers
- Realistic 2-axis turning head with animated LED eyes
- 100 pre-programmed functions
- 2 demonstration modes
- 6 programming modes
- Remote control, autonomous “free roam” and guard modes
- Sleep and auto-shut off function
- Age Grading: 8+