Friday, June 06, 2008

Roboquad is an award winner!


Roboquad is an animated robot with unique multi-directional movement capabilities and advanced sensory awareness. Featuring multi-colored flashing lights and techno sound effects, Roboquad is the first true robotic arthropod. Change his Awareness, Activity or Aggression levels to completely alter his personality and behaviors.

- 4 layer, full function, illuminated remote control
- 72 pre-programmed functions
- 4 modes
- direct control
- autonomous
- guard: visually scans the environment; sound sensor detects noise
- sleep: enters sleep mode after 5 minutes, powers down after 24 hours
- 2 built in demos: dance and movement
- Programmable: up to 40 moves
- Sleek and agile: rotating legs, articulated neck
- Advanced movement control
- control direction
- control style of walking (i.e., crab walk, stomp walk, rotation walking)
- control head movements
- Light sensor: headlights turn on and off and Roboquad will react depending upon ambient light levels
- Sound sensor: reacts to sounds and scans for nearest object when disturbed (when stationary)
- Autonomous mode
- interacts with his environment as he moves through it, scanning and avoiding obstacles
- behavior influenced by 3 controllable personality settings
- Activity level
- Aggression level
- Awareness level
- Deep IR scanner vision system
- multiple scanning ranges
- used to assess distances and obstacles and influence behavior
- 5 scanning sequences
- Smart scan: examines surroundings then reacts if anything changes; reacts according to aggression and activity levels
- Scan left and scan right: will turn and face any object within a 3 foot range, on his left or right side
- Approach nearest object: looks left and right while ramping up the scanning range and moves towards the closest object found
- escape walk: will select the largest open space and move toward it
- flinch response: if an object approaches his scanner very quickly he will react, according to his aggression level
-Volume control

Age grading: 8+

Battery requirements: 4 “C” and 3 “AAA”

Roboquad is an award winner!
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio: Gold Seal Award
iParenting Media Award: 2007 Outstanding Product Winner
Winner in the 2007 FamilyFun Toy of the Year awards
Duracell (UK) Top Ten Toys of 2007
Ziff Davis Digital Life Expo-Editor's Choice-Featured in Digital Village
Popular Mechanics Wish List.
December issue 2007
Selected as The top pick for children 7 and older in the November 2007-
issue of Parents Magazine in article: "The Best Toys of the Year." "A" rating,