Monday, May 14, 2012

Wireless Mini Queue System

Wireless Mini Queue System (WMQS) is the latest development of the Mini Queue System (MQS). WMQS no longer use the cable for each key caller queue, but have been using Wireless Key Fob that does not require the installation of cables.

WMQS is the best solution in managing the queuing system at an affordable price. WMQS is properly used in places of public services, such as banks, medical practices, pharmacies, etc..
WMQS using 2.3 inch 7Segment that serves as a medium for displaying information a queue number and counter number. This information is very important for the customer because the customer gained through the appearance of certainty when this will be served.

In accordance with the word "mini" of the product WMQS queue, then the queuing system can only serve one type of line of 8 counter / counters are available. Each of these counters is provided a wireless button is directly connected to the main controller to the next queue number to call.

Product Features

  1. Set the type of queue 1 for 8 counters are available.
  2. Count the number of queues 001 to 999, then back again to the number 001.
  3. Line number information is displayed in the Main Display 2.3 inch size that has been equipped with an internal speaker.
  4. Queue number will automatically be the starting number (001) when there is no power supply / off.
  5. There is a preset function when first turned on, serves to regulate the queue number is displayed.
  6. Using the sound of a bell to call the queue number.
  7. Using the Wireless Key Fob to call queue.

Main Display Unit
The hardware that serves to show the will or the queue number being served. View of the tool is divided into two parts, namely the line number information and the information booth / counter.

On the basis of the size 2.3 inch 7Segment, 3 digits for queue number and 1 digit for the number counter / counters, display modules can be clearly seen by customers who are doing the queue.

Display module is also equipped with an internal speaker that allows you to call the queue. The design is minimalist and efficient, so it can be hung on the wall or ceiling.

This display module is equipped with Wireless Receiver technology to receive the data information of the emphasis Wireless Key Fob.

Wireless Key Fob
Hardware whose function is to call the number next queue. Wireless Key Fob is placed in each counter / booth and directly connected to the main controller via wireless technology. It works at a frequency of 433 MHz and have an ID for each Wireless Key Fob.