Friday, May 25, 2012

TRW-2.4G GFSK Transceiver Module

TRW-24G is a wireless transceiver module which adopts 2.4G ISM band with printed antenna on board to provide the optimal transmission and reception in signal. TRW-24G is a good solution for short and median range applications, such as Wireless Joysticks, cordless phone, wireless earphone, wireless mouse and keyboard, due to its adjustable transmission power level. It is also suitable for surveillance system because of its frequency hopping technology which provides a safe

Key Feature
 Frequency Range: 2.4~2.527GHz
 Modulation: GFSK
 Work Voltage: 3V
 Channel No.: 128 CH
 Output Power: Max. 0 dBm.
 Active Mode : ShockBurst Mode and Direct Mode
 Data Rate: 1 Mbps at ShockBurst Mode 250 Kbps at Direct Mode
 Transmission range : 150M at ShockBurst Mode 280M at Direct Mode
 Max two channels active simultaneously
 Built-in antenna.
 Low Power consumption: Active@1Mbps: 25 mA Standby: 12 uA
 Operating Temperature: -10~+70℃
 Application : Wireless Joysticks, Wireless Speaker, Wireless Earphone , Wireless Cell phone , Wireless Intercom , Wireless Mouse, Wireless Keyboard ,Surveillance and security system and Data Communication.