Thursday, May 24, 2012

UM6-LT Orientation Sensor

The UM6-LT Orientation Sensor is an OEM version of the UM6.  Like the UM6, the UM6-LT combines data from rate gyros, accelerometers, and magnetic sensors to produce real-time attitude and heading measurements using either quaternions or Euler Angles.
The expansion boards designed for the UM6 can be used with the UM6-LT, but soldering will be necessary.
The UM6-LT is a pin-compatible replacement for the CHR-6dm, which has been discontinued.  While the footprint is compatible with the 6dm, the UM6-LT utilizes the communication protocol of the UM6, not the 6dm.

Outputs (User-Selectable)
GPS position, heading, and velocity (with connected GPS)
GPS position in meters from customizable home location
Euler Angles

Raw gyro, accel, and mag data
Processed sensor data (scale factors applied, biases removed)
Attitude estimate covariance

Supports GPS connectivity and data parsing
GPS position can be reported in meters from user-customizable home position
Automatic gyro bias calibration (initiated by user command)
Adjustable output rates (20 Hz - 300 Hz) and baud rate (up to 115200 baud)
Open-source firmware with free development tools
Open-source PC software for data visualization, calibration, and AHRS configuration

States updated internally at 500 Hz
Better than 2 degree pitch and roll angle accuracy1
Better than 5 degree yaw angle accuracy
+5V input voltage, 3.3V logic level (5V tolerant)
+/- 2000 °/s maximum measurable rotation rates
+/- 2g maximum measurable acceleration