Tuesday, May 29, 2012

371.5MHz/433.92MHz Wireless Remote Controller Electric Lock Door

Wireless Remote Controller Electric Lock is the best for auto door open/door off. It is using RF UHF design. There are two relay modes in host for user to set various setting, use switch dip can set mode or code easily, it´s very convenience. Power supply provides DC 12V/24V or AC 12V. You can select one key remote controller (TX-F01), two keys remote controller (TX-F02) or four keys remote controllers to collocate with every mode in host.

  • Sensitivity : 3uV
  • Code : 28,212,or 38,312
  • Power supply : 12V or 24V AC/DC
  • Frequency Range : 371.5MHz / 433.92MHz
  • Power consumption : 10.6 mA/12V
  • Power consumption : 10.6 mA/12V
  • Relay contact voltage : 5A 24V DC or 12V AC
  • Control type : on/off, momentary,continue
  • Usage range : Elctronic lock, Garage door, Home alarm security system,Auto control system.