Tuesday, May 29, 2012

AG9000-S Power over Ethernet module

The Ag9000 is ideal for any Ethernet peripheral up to 12W, such as IP phones and gateways, wireless access points, web cameras and security cameras, door entry systems, RFID tag readers, security systems (PIR, fire detectors, etc), network drives, Bluetooth access points and video servers.

The device is a fully self-contained 10-pin SIL (single in line) device, providing an isolated DC-DC converter with signature recognition compliant to IEEE 802.3af. Available with outputs of 3.3V, 5.0V or 12.0V, the Ag9000 requires just one external capacitor. The combination of features and packaging offers extremely efficient use of board area, saving significant system size and cost, minimising time to market for developers of Ethernet peripherals.
This new product contains the signature recognition circuitry listed in IEEE 802.3af. This ensures that it will inter-operate with any PSE (power sourcing equipment) midspan or endspan that conforms to the same standard. Also included is a DC-DC converter with 1500V input to output isolation, which takes the 48V fed by the PSE via the Category 5 Ethernet cable over either the spare pairs or the signal pairs. It is a complete solution in a single package with emphasis on small size, low cost and ease of use.
Additional features include the ability to program the IEEE 802.3af power classification (default is class 0), and the ability to vary the output voltage by up to  10%. Ag9000 makes up to 12W of power available to the powered device.