Tuesday, May 29, 2012

RC-100 Robotis Remote Control

RC-100 Robotis Remote Control IR-based remote control or ZigBee for Bioloid robot kit or Ollo
- Having two means of data transmission: ZigBee or IR
- For ZigBee, fully compatible with the robot kit that uses a controller CM-5, CM-100, CM-510, CM-700
- For IR, fully compatible with the kit that uses a robot controller CM-100 and CM-510
- Requires additional IR receiver module as an infrared signal receiver
- Requires additional Zig-100 module / Zig-110 as a recipient of the ZigBee interface
- Remote control by default has IR feature, if you want to use ZigBee, an additional required Zig-100 module
- It has 11 keys
- It has 128 features a combination of suppression when using IR
- It has 512 features a combination of suppression when using ZigBee
- 3VDC power supply (2x AA alkaline batteries)

H/W Specification

  • Weight : 80g
  • Dimension : 138mm * 105mm * 36mm
  • Power
  • Voltage : 3.0V (DC)
  • Comsumed Power : 0.07W
  • Battery : Alkaline(LR6) AA Battery * 2
  • Button : 11 Buttons (Including POWER/MODE button)
  • Communication Mode : IR Communication(Basic) / Zigbee Communication (When ZIG-100 is installed additionally) / Bluetooth Communication (When BT-100 is installed additionally)