Friday, May 11, 2012

1024x768mm Outdoor LED Display Full Color

Full Color LED Display that can be used to display characters, animation, and video files that are suitable for outdoor conditions

- Consists of 128 x 96 LED with a pitch 1.6 (P16)
- Consists of 3072 pixels (1pixel consists of 4 LEDs with the configuration 2R1G1B)
- ARM9-based CPU
- Data display can be stored up to 500 MB
- Communication interfaces: serial (with an additional connector), ethernet (RJ45), U-Disk (USB type A socket on-board)
- Supports image formats bmp, jpg, gif, wmf, ico, etc.
- Supports animated gif, swf, etc.
- Support for audio files (via Line-out socket)
- Supports video file formats
mpg, mpeg, wmv, asf, mp4, dat, VOD, mov, flv format, etc.
- Equipped with software LEDSign & LEDEditor for editting process and setting the module
- Multy window technology
- Suitable for outdoor display
- LED brightness settings are automatically
- Display size 1024 mm x 768 mm
- Equipped with 2 fan in the casing
- Equipped with 2 MAG JACK (RJ-45) and two AC sockets to access more than one module
- Completeness: Full Color LED Display (already assembled), the CD Program, AC power cord (CB 3 connector), locks, cables UTP