Wednesday, May 02, 2012

URM05 High Power Ultrasonic Range Finder V2.0

The URM05 High Power Ultrasonic Range Finder is based on electrostatic senscomp's 6500 ultrasound transducer design. It can measure a distances of up to 10m. The angle between the ultrasound probes is only 15 deg, while the majority of the ultrasound is 60 deg.
Now URM05 has got an upgrade to version 2 and extended some new features. In order to make it easier to connect several range finder modules on your robot, the URM05 v2 support the RS485 interface. we found it's not very convenient to fix the URM05 v1, so we designed four mounting holes for the new version


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  • Power Supply:5v Current: normal current 55mA, when sending the instant the current is 2A 
  • Operating temperature range: 0degC ~ + 40degC
  • Interface: TTL level pulse and RS485 
  • Operating frequency 49.5KHZ. 
  • Probe direction angle 15deg(-6dB) 
  • Ultrasonic Distance Measurement: 15 cm to 10.5 m 
  • Operating modes: single-echo mode and multi-echo mode 
  • Size: 46x40x21mm(1.8x1.7x0.8") 
  • Module Weight: About 25g