Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Winbot 730 Window Cleaning Robot

The Winbot 730 Window Cleaning Robot is the world's only window cleaning robot that can clean glass of any thickness – even Thermopane windows. The Winbot W730 is equipped with a frameless window detection system so you can clean glass doors, railings and shower stalls with ease.

• Winbot 730 window cleaning robot
• Cleans glass of any thickness
• Outstanding cleaning efficiency and easy to use
• Extraordinary safety protection with user-friendly design
• 11.1 V lithium rechargeable back-up battery

• Winbot is Easy to Use
Winbot is so easy to use. Switch the robot ON, place it on the window, and press start. It's that easy. Now you can sit back, relax and let winbot do the work.

• Automated Cleaning Path
Winbot automatically determines the size of your window, then programs a path to clean the window quickly and efficiently.

• Extra Safety Protection
If Winbot is used to clean a window above ground level, the Safety Pod provides an extra layer of protection.

• Dual Suction Rings for Safety Protection
Winbot is equipped with dual suction rings. If the outer ring senses any loss of suction, a signal will be sent to Winbot's ''brain'' to reverse direction and select a new path.
• Size: 232 x 225 x 95 mm
• Net Weight (Kg): 2
• Color: Pearl White
• Frameless Identification: Can be used to clean frameless windows such glass doors, etc
• Charging Time (H): 2
• Battery: 11.1 V lithium rechargeable back-up battery
• Battery Capacity (mAh): 400
• Working Speed (m/s): 0.15
• Power Adapter (m): 3
• Working Noise (db): 55
• Remote Control: Yes
• Cleaning Pads (Set): 2