Tuesday, October 29, 2013

uLCD-32PTU-PI 3.2" LCD Pack for Raspberry Pi w/ Adaptor Shield + Cable

uLCD-32PTU-PI 3.2" LCD Pack for Raspberry Pi w/ Adaptor Shield + Cable
  • Powerful Graphics
  • Low-Cost Display Solution
  • Easily Connect to your Raspberry Pi

The uLCD-32PTU-PI is a Raspberry Pi Display Module Pack, which includes a uLCD-32PTU 3.2" LCD Display with Resistive Touch, a 4D Pi Adaptor and 5 way interface cable.

The uLCD-32PTU-PI customises the uLCD-32PTU Display specifically for interfacing with the Raspberry Pi, to provide a quick and easy interface without any wiring hassles.

The Raspberry Pi Display Module Pack enables a Raspberry Pi user to quickly connect the 4D Pi Adaptor Shield to their Raspberry Pi, connect the 5 way cable between the Adaptor and the Display Module, and be connected in seconds to start programming their new 4D Systems Display.

The uLCD-32PTU-PI has a comprehensive ViSi-Genie library written to communicate with the Raspberry Pi, allowing the Visi-Genie events to be easily understood by the Raspberry Pi and users code.

Utilises the Raspberry Pi's UART Serial Port.

Note: This 4D display will NOT function as the Primary Display for the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi OS can not be displayed on this display module, it is a slave/secondary display only. The display module is programmed using the Workshop4 IDE and the Raspberry Pi acts as the Host to send/receive information to/from the display module.
Raspberry Pi itself is not included