Friday, August 19, 2011

AT89S8253 CPU Module

AT89S8253 CPU Module is a module-based single-chip microcontroller family MCS-51 AT89S8253 with In-System Programming capability to assist the process of programming. AT89S8253 equipped with EEPROM memory of 2 kbytes. This module is compatible with the DT-COMBO Basic Base Board to develop simple to complex applications.

Specification :

  • AT89S8253-based features:
  • 12 kbytes of flash memory.
  • 256 bytes of RAM.
  • 2 kbytes EEPROM.
  • 9 resource interruptions.
  • 3 pieces of Timer / Counter 16 bit.
  • Dual Data Pointer.
  • Programmable Watchdog Timer.
  • Crystal oscillator at 11.0592 MHz.
  • Having a path Input / Output up to 32 pins.
  • The process of programming the In-System Programming via ISP 5x2 header with ATMEL standard housing.
  • UART serial interface is equipped with Automatic Address Recognition feature.
  • SPI interface can operate as a slave or master.
  • Equipped with a chip EMI filter to reduce noise from the power supply.
  • Power supply 2.7 to 5.5 VDC and is equipped with a LED power indicator.
  • Compatible with DT-COMBO Basic Base Board and can be used with other modules by considering the pin configuration.
  • Equipped with software BASCOM-8051 Demo version that can be used to develop programs with the BASIC language.
  • Dimensional modules DT-51 AT89S8253 CPU Module: 6.0 cm (p) x 5.3 cm (l) x 1.7 cm (t).