Friday, August 19, 2011

AVR AT90USB162 CPU Module

AT90USB162 AVR CPU module is a module for the AVR microcontroller family AT90USB162 AVR type that has been equipped with a USB controller and the bootloader via USB interface. This module can be used independently or with the addition of DT-COMBO Basic Base Board which has provided a path I / O, interface and power supply, making it easier to explore the capabilities of this microcontroller.


  • Based AT90USB162 (16KB Flash Memory, 512Byte EEPROM, 512 Bytes Internal SRAM &).
  • 1 channel Timer / Counter 8-bit (2 channel PWM) and 1 channel Timer / Counter 16-bit (3 channels PWM).
  • Interface: USART, SPI, USB Device.
  • Watchdog timer, analog comparator.
  • 22 channels of I / O.
  • Cystal ocilator integrated with a frequency of 8 MHz.
  • Programming can be via an ISP Port or a mini USB port (bootlaoder).
  • Programming via USB Port (bootloader) does not require additional programmers, such as DT-HiQ AVR In System Progammer, DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP or DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP-51.
  • Using the FLIP program assistance in order to fill the PC side program code into the microcontroller through the USB port.
  • Programming via ISP Port using DT-HiQ AVR In System Progammer, DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP or DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP-51 will erase the bootloader program in the microcontroller, so that the bootloader function can not be used.
  • Integrated with noise removal circuit on power supply lines.
  • Work on the 3.3 VDC voltage level - 5.5 VDC.
  • The power supply can be via Bus Power (USB) or from an external 5VDC power supply.
  • There is a jumper for selecting the source of the power supply and power supply levels.
  • PORTC.0 can be used as an I / O bus or connected to a crystal oscillator circuit via a jumper setting.
  • This module can be combined with the DT-BASIC COMBO BASE BOARD which will facilitate the use of this module.
  • Dimensions: 6.1 cm (l) x 5.75 cm (w) x 1.8 cm (h)