Saturday, August 06, 2011

The AX-12+ Smart Robotic Arm

The AX-12+ Smart Robotic Arm is an original design from Alex Dirks of the CrustCrawler team.

The CrustCrawler team assures you that when you successfully complete the AX12+ Smart Robotic Arm you’re in for an exciting series of robotic projects that you will find highly rewarding. This is our smartest, most advanced and powerful arm we have produced and we are sure you will find it a truly functional robotic kit to meet your demanding robotic project needs!

Experience in programming is helpful, but if you need more help in this regard you can find plenty of robotic programming resources on crustcrawler web site .

- Frame made ​​of aluminum robot
- It has 4 pieces + DOF gripper
- Using the 7 pieces AX12 + servo
- Torque on the shoulder and arm31.68 (440 oz / in)
- Torque gripper  (220 oz / in)
- Frame made ​​of aluminum robot
- Robot can be controlled by the controller module CM-5
- There are bolts nuts needed to assemble a robot kit
- Sales packageFrame robot (+ nut bolts), 7x AX-12 + along the cabl