Monday, August 01, 2011

The LPC1114 ARM Low Cost ARM module

The LPC1114 ARM Low Cost Arm module 

Technical Specifications:

 System
o ARM Cortex-M0 processor, running at frequencies up to 50Mhz
o ARM Cortex-M0 built in Nested Vector Interrupt Controller(NVIC)
o Serial Wire Debug
o System tick timer

 Memory
o 32KB on-chip flash programming memory
o In-System Programming(ISP), In-Application Programming(IAP) via on-chip bootloader

 Digital Peripheral
o 42 General Purpose I/O pin configurable pull-up/pull-down resistors
o GPIO pin can be used as edge and level sensitive interrupt source
o High current output driver (20mA) on one pin
o High current sink driver (20mA) on two I2C bus pin in Fast Mode Plus
o 4 general purpose timer/counter with a total of four capture input and 13 match output
o Programmable watchdog timer

 Analog peripheral
o 10 bit ADC with input multiplexing among 8 pins

 Serial peripheral
o UART with fractional baudrate generation, internal FIFO, rs485 support
o 2 SPI controllers with SSP features and with FIFO and multiprotocol capabilities
o I2C bus interface supporting full I2C bus specification and fast mode plus with a data rate 1Mbit/s with multiple address recognition and monitor mode

 Clock Generation
o 12Mhz internal RC oscillator trimmed to 1% accuracy that can optionally be used as system clock
o Crystal oscillator with freq range 1-25Mhz
o Programmable watch oscillator with a frequency range 7.8 Khz-1.8Mhz
o PLL allow CPU operation up to maximum CPU rate without the need for a high frequencies crystal. May be run from the system oscillator or the internal RC oscillator
o Clock output function with divider that can reflect the system oscillator clock, IRC oscillator, cpu clock and watchdog oscillator.

 Power control
o Integrated PMU (power management unit) to minimize power consumption during sleep, deep sleep, and deep power down mode
o Three reduce power mode: sleep, deep sleep, and deep power down mode
o Processor wake up from deep sleep mode via a dedicated start logic using up to 13 functional pin.
o POR(power on reset)
o Brownout detect with four separate threshold for interrupt and force reset

 Unique serial number for device indentification
 Single 3.3V power supply (1.8-3.6V)

ARM Module Specification
 UART TTL Level
 Onboard Power Regulator: 9-30 Volt DC
 1 bit LED Logic Tester
 Extra VCC 3.3V & GND Connection
 JTAG Header
 42 bit I/O
 40p DIP connection compatible with DST-51, DST-AVR, Trainer Board TRN-02, Delta Robo Kits
 PCB Through hole 2.8 x 6.2 cm