Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Wireless Intelligent public transport vehicle POS machine

The product is developed and produced completely with own patent and intellectual property right, equipped with advance wireless communication feature and being the first in China since 2008. This is the leading product which has won 2 National Awards and Patent.

1. The POS machine with CAN connector interface can easily connectet to BUS and other VEHICLES, ready for implementing public transportation system.
2. Direct power supply by bus or othe vehicle's battery and throught it's built in power stabilizer before to the inside of other module onboard power supply.
3. Without any add-on and can easily intall it at the bus or vehicles , vertical or horizontal metal bars (single screw to uninstall the device)
4. Has been implemented to more than 20 public transportation intelligent e-ticketing projects throughout China Mainland.
5. Received various government certifications as strong prove on its reliability and stability

Technical Specifications:
  • 32 bit ARM based CPU, with 60MHz
  • 16Mbit Flash memory (upgradeable to 512Mbit)
  • 64Mbit SDRAM (expandable to 128Mbit)
  • Data memory 4Mbit SRAM (expandable to 16Mbit)
  • 128x64 dot matrix graph display monitor with backlight
  • 10 keyboard number key , 9 function keys
  • magnetic card reader comply with GB/T 15120, ISO7811, sub-standard 2/3 track or 1/2 track or optional 1/2/3
  • IC card reader a user card, business card 1 in line with GB/T 16649, ISO7816 standard, EMV2000
  • Non contact IC card meets ISO14443, DB 31/239-2000 (optional)
  • Protocol T=0/ T=1 synchronization
  • PSAM deck3, meet ISO7816 standard, EMV2000
  • peripheral interface, one RS-232 interface, one infra red interface
  • GPRS/CDMA wireless communication support TCP/IP (optional)
  • 33.6Kbps modem support hi-speed synchronous or asynchronous communication (optional)
  • Voice headset , voice call can bve connected
  • hight speed pin printer; own 2GB font, print width of 57.5mm
  • operating temperature 5 - 40 deg C, relative humidity 20%-90%
  • Encryption method DES/3DES/RSA
  • dimension 210mm x 85mm x 60mm