Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SMS control and Alarm system

SMS control and Alarm system
An alarm system and control home appliances based on SMS. As an alarm function, this unit can be connected to various types of sensors such as the Smoke Detector, Motion Detector or LPG Detector. As a control function, this unit can control the activation of lights, water pumps or other electrical equipment via SMS or scheduled by time, so the system can activate the contact at certain hours every day, once or on certain days

- Can be programmed for more than 20 Cell Phone user
- 4 contacts control max 400VAC / 5A Solid State
- 4 Manual Switch
- Can be programmed for each 5 schedule at each contact
- 2 group alarm sensor inputs that can be programmed with a message
- Each group can be paralleled up to 10 units of the same alarm
- There is a remote control for the panic button, activate the alarm and control equipment macros
- USB Port for programming messages and user numbers
- Mode arm / disarm can  manually set, miss call from Cell Phone or the remote control