Thursday, May 15, 2014

Phone Interface Ver 2.0

Phone Interface Ver 2.0 is a series CM8888PI based and compatible with DT-51 MinSys and support system microcontroller / microprocessor other. Comes ready to use routines and has 2 modes (with and without telephone telephone) for anti-distance applications and home automation. 

- Using a Hybrid Single standard transformers FCC part 68 as the magnetic coupling between the telephone line to the module. 
- Impedance 600 ohms. 
- Dual Tone Multi Frequency Decoder and Encoder. 
- Dial Pulse Decoder & Encoder. 
- Call Progress Detector. 
- Line Status Detector. 
- Ring Detector. 
- 2 Modes Phone Line Interface. 
- On / Off Hook Conditioning. 
- Equipment: 1 piece DT-Board I / O Phone Interface Ver 2.0 and CD / DVD program.