Monday, May 05, 2014

Digital Encoder for Boe-Bot.

Digital Encoder for Boe-Bot.
This Digital Encoder kit provides wheel rotation feedback that your Boe-Bot robot can use to perform more consistent maneuvers. The encoder sensors mount next to the wheels, emitting infrared light and detecting reflections as the spokes pass by. 

Key Features:
  • Modulated infrared sensors reduce interference from ambient light
  • Slender mounting brackets attach with your Boe-Bot robot's existing servo screws
  • Encoders work with the Boe-Bot robot's existing eight-spoked wheels
  • Socketed encoder cables connect to the robot's breadboard or the servo headers
Application Ideas:
  • Dead-reckoning exercises
  • Solving mazes
  • Mapping paths of travel
Notes: Note: Boe-Bot robot not included, sold separately. This kit is designed for use with the Boe-Bot robot's Continuous Rotation Servos  and the 8-spoke Boe-Bot/SumoBot Wheel .