Monday, May 05, 2014

Odroid U3 I/O shield

The shield is intended as an expansion I / O for ODROID-U3. This module is equipped with TCA6416A and ATmega328P which each will be accessed via the I2C interface and TTL UART interface. 
TCA6416A will serve as an I2C to parallel converter, while the ATmega328P will function like the Arduino module that is directly connected to the TTL UART interface of ODROID-U3. ATmega328P programming can be done through the help of ODROID-U3 using the Arduino IDE. 

- Power supply: 5 VDC 
- Interface: I2C, UART TTL 
- Number of I / O pins: 16 digital GPIO (TCA6416A), 14 digital GPIO / PWM & 6-pin, 10-bit ADC (ATmega328P) 
- Compatible for ODROID-U3 
- Dimensions: 83 (L) * 48 (L) mm