Monday, May 05, 2014

ODROID Smart Power.

ODROID Smart Power

The easy way to make a Green platform. The ODROID Smart Power is an easily deployable power supply that collects voltage, current and power of the system load to enable developers to optimize energy consumption. LCD shows voltage, current, watt and watt-hour(Wh) simultaneously. You can also see the graphical energy transient on your PC via USB interface.


Output VoltageDC 3.00 ~ 5.25Volt
Output CurrentDC 5A (Max)
Input PowerDC 12Volt/3A (36Watt)
MeasurementVoltage, Current, Watt, Watt-Hour
LCD16×2 Character type with LED backlight
USB device portData communication with PC (10Hz sampling rate)
ButtonOutput On/Off, Start/stop measurement of Watt-Hour
VolumeVoltage Adjust
Output4mm diameter banana jack, USB Host port, Wire connector
ETCFirmware update via USB