Tuesday, November 06, 2012

TRW-24DSMCU 2.4G Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum RF Module

2.4G Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum RF Module

This module apply to wireless data two-way transmission, working frequency is 2.4GHz and taking  Spread Spectrum Technology. Strong anti-jamming, especially not impact on the wireless LAN, Bluetooth receiver, Wireless Network, Wifi, microwave ovens and so on…

TRW-24DSMCU two-way transceiver module is taking  Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum;DSSS. It can reach the highest reliability and show high data rate performance through  Variable phase modulation, such as  PSK、QPSK(Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) 、 DQPSK(Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying).The advantage is for the existing 2.4GHz wireless network in a high-interference environment, it can still maintain good communication.

Maximum data transfer rate is 250Kbps, the biggest output power is +4dBm, working voltage rang is 3.5V~6V, build-in UART Micro-controller interface and can apply to various data transmitting and short distance of handhold device application, such as wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless remote controller, wireless home automatically control, wireless toy and so on

 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
 Remote Control
 VOIP Phone
 AMR – Automatic Meter Reading
 Wireless Game Pad
 Wireless Toys
 Home Automation
 RKE – Two-way Remote Keyless Entry

Key Feature
 2.4GHz Sequence Spread Spectrum 
 RF Output Power up to +4dBm
 Receive Sensitivity up to -98dBm
 Voltage Supply from 3.5V~6V
 Distance range up to 180m(Open Space)
 DSSS Data rate up to 250KBps
 Auto transaction sequencer no need MCU
 Dynamic data rate reception
 UART Micro-controller Interface(TTL 3V3)