Thursday, November 01, 2012

YS-C20UB RF module

YS-C20UB RF transceiver modules which can be a data transmission distance up to 1Km.

- Power supply: 3.3VDC - 5VDC
- Working frequency: 433M Hz
- Interface: RS-232
- Data rate: 19200 bps
- Modulation: GFSK
- Outreach: max 1Km (with antenna height 2m)
- RF power 10mW
-  Receiving current: <25ma div="div">
 - Transmitting current: <40ma div="div">
 - Sleep current: <20ua div="div">
 - Size: 47mm*26mm*10mm (without antenna port ).

Application areas:
 * Automatic meter reading (AMR) and home automation
 * Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
 * Remote control,industry data collection;
 * Monitoring of remote systems
 * Production reporting of active systems
 * Sports training & competition;
 * Wireless POS, PAD wireless smart terminal;
 * Electronic bus station and intelligent traffic;
 * Point to multi-point wireless network, Industrial wireless remote control.