Thursday, November 08, 2012

Powerex MHC808M, fast Charger with 8 cell battery for AA / AAA / C / D

Powerex MHC808M, fast Charger with 8 cell battery for AA / AAA / C / D

Detailed information

  • 1-8 AA / AAA / C / D Ni-MH or NiCd in any combination
  • Like having 8 chargers! Powerex microprocessor 7th generation, accurate to 0.001 V. All batteries you will definitely fully charged and maintained condition.
  • Charger specifically for large-capacity battery current
  • Designed specifically for her rapid battery charge large C & D capacity. This charger is able to charge the battery with a capacity of 11.000 mAh D for 5 hours. Charger class can reach 40 hours.
  • Charging Rate: 2.0A for AA / C / D and 0.7A for AAA
  • charging AA / AAA in one hour and C / D in 1-5 hours no matter the number of batteries charged.
  • LCD display with white backlight
  • LCD display with white backlight indicates charging status of each battery.
  • Construction professionals: Very durable
  • Unlike other universal chargers that use per in the ignition, charger MH-C808M uses a highly durable patented contact. Even the power jack of the adapter using DIN system that can only be seen in professional products.
  • Selectable Soft and Rapid Charging Mode
  • Users can select 2 modes of charging. Select Rapid Charging when in a hurry, but we were able to fill the Soft Charging full and maintain the condition of your battery and is 100% compatible with the old low-capacity battery.
  • Low-Temperature Charging Algorithm
  • MH-C808M charger is charging the lowest temperature in our professional ranks. Low temperatures make sure your battery longevity.
  • Built-in Deep Battery Conditioning System
  • Powerex conditioning system capable of charge, deep-discharge and re-charge automatically to maximize the capacity of a new battery and revitalize your old battery.
  • Heavy Duty Worldwide AC Adapter
  • Heavy duty adapter with automatic voltage 100-240 V 50/60 Hz using the DIN connector of reliable professionals.


  • Supported Batteries One to Eight AA, AAA / C / D NiMH or NiCd
  • Rapid Charge Current 2000mA (AA, C, D), 700mA (AAA)
  • AA Charge Time: 1 Hour (Normal), 2 Hour (Soft Charging), C / D: 1-5 Hour (Normal), 5-10 Hour (Soft Charging)
  • Worldwide Power Supply Switching AC Adapter 100-240V 50/60Hz with removable cord