Thursday, July 10, 2014

MIFARE™ Reader Module SL025M.

MIFARE™ Reader Module SL025M

Being developed based on NXP's transponder IC, HF RFID Module SL025M is a MIFARE OEM reader/writer. It supports MIFARE™ Classic 1K, MIFARE™ Classic 4K, MIFARE Ultralight™ and is applicable for 13.56MHz. This embedded module does auto Real-time detecting tag which moves into or out of detective range and reports through one output pin's logic level. In addition, it integrates all necessary components and antenna into one PCB. The external Micro-controller can work with SL025M to read/write MIFARE cards by simple serial communication commands.

Technical Specs:
ModelMIFARE Module SL025M
Tag supportedUltralight, NTAG203, MIFARE Mini, MIFARE™ Classic 1K, MIFARE™ Classic 4K, FM11RF08
InterfaceUART in TTL level
Supply voltage4.4 - 12.0 VDC
Dimension80 × 55 mm