Friday, July 11, 2014

I2C to Parallel Converter module

I2C To Parallel Converter  module is an input / output parallel configuration of 16 lines with 2 x 8-bits that can be read and written via the I2C serial communication. This module can be used to expand the I / O on the system microcontroller / microprocessor.

- Requires +5 V DC power supply.
- Based PCA9539 can work on the power supply +2.3 V to +5.5 V DC.
- I2C serial interface, the maximum data communication speed of 400 kHz.
- Has 2 ports, each of which consists of 8 lanes and each lane can be set as input or output.
- Available RESET path to restore the module to default when the line was given a logic low.
- There is a path INT (interrupt) which can be used to detect changes in the input.
- Each path I / O can be 10mA maximum current drain (source) or 25mA (sink).
- Maximum 4-module of I2C to Parallel Converter can be arranged and controlled in-line I2C-bus communication.
- Available test programs in C language (CodeVisionAVR) for sample
- Compatible with a variety of microcontroller and microprocessor systems.
- Dimensions: 6.2 cm (P) x 3.3 cm (L) x 1.5 cm (T)