Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Nano130 for microcontroller development board. This board can be used for the manufacture of prototype products in use Nano130 microcontroller with LCD information display through.
- Power supply: 5VDC
- It has a range of I / O for LCD panel.
- It integrates with Nu-Link-Me so that you no longer need a programmer / debugger external.
- Can be programmed using the C programming language and use compiler IAR, Keil, or CooCox CoIDE.

  • An Evaluation/Development Kit for NuMicro Nano110/130 series
  • IAR EWARM/Keil RVMDK available on IAR/Keil website
  • Supported by CooCox CoIDE
  • Support On-line ICP (In-Circuit Programming)

Supported Devices:
  • Nano110
  • Nano130
Kit Contents:
  • Nu-Link-ME
  • NuTiny-EVB-Nano130
  • USB Cable