Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Nu-LB-NUC140 evaluatioan board

Learning Board for microcontroller NUC140. On this board has been provided by various types of I / O, such as LED, LCD, 7segment, Keypad, potentiometer, Audio input, Audio output, etc.. This board has been integrated with Nu-Link ME module for the charging process through the ICP program code. Concerning the programming language / compiler, this board can be programmed by using the C programming language with the help of software EWARM IAR, Keil RVMDK, or CooCox CoIDE.

  • A Starter Kit made by Nuvoton
  • IAR EWARM (evaluation version) included
  • Keil RVMDK (evaluation version) included
  • Supported by CooCox CoIDE
  • Examples with source code included
- Power supply: 5VDC
- Integrated with NUC140 microcontroller.
- Have a Programmer / Debugger internal (Nu-Link-Me).
- Completion of the program code can be via ICP (Nu-Link-Me) or ISP (USB/DB-9).
- It has a range of external I / O 7segment, LCD panel, EEPROM, Flash Data, matrix keypad, WAU8822 Audio Codec, Potentiometers, etc..

Supported devices:
  • NUC100
  • NUC120
  • NUC130
  • NUC140
Kit Contents:
  • Nu-LB-NUC140
  • Nu-Link-ME on board
  • USB Cable 
  • NuMicro Family CD