Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Robot Car Chassis UGV by Arexx

The Robot Car Chassis is a prototype of a robot car and designed for the classroom. The idea is to create a kit, cheap and simple enough for the classroom with enough educational value to challenge students for a semester. Most robots use a differential skid steer system, manufacturer decided to use a car chassis which provides the additional challenge of 3 point turns. The car is 75mm wide, 150mm long and about 60mm high. The large flat area at the front is ideal for adding a small breadboard.


• Actuators / output devices: 2x DC brushed motors

• CPU: Atmega168 8Mhz
• Power source: 4x AA batteries
• Programming language: Arduino C++
• Sensors / input devices: Steering potentiometer, 4x IR line following sensors, 3-Axis accelerometer
• Target environment: Indoors, classroom

Micro Magician (micro controller) not included 

• Car is 75mm wide, 150mm long and about 60mm high
• Control Method: Autonomous / TV remote
• Operating System: Arduino IDE 0022