Thursday, January 17, 2013

Photoreflector Sensor V2

Photoreflector Sensor V2 is photoreflector sensor modules that work based on the presence or absence of light reflection. Besides being used as a sensor in the module DT-SENSE Photoreflector V2, A sensor module can also be used with a variety of other microcontroller system, and can be used for a variety of other applications berbgai such as line tracking / following robot, obstacle detection, robot navigation, and other so on.

  • Requires +5 Volt DC power supply (VCC).
  • Consists of a transmitter and receiver LED-NPN phototransistors Silizium-(SFH 300).
  • Optimal distance sensor to object about 4-6 mm.
  • Available 500K Ohm Potentiometer for setting the sensor output.
  • LD pin 1/HIGH need logic (+5 V) to activate a red LED beam.
  • VO will pin logic 1/HIGH (approximately +5 V) if the sensor SFH 300 receives the reflected light from the red LED.
  • Compatible with DT-AVR Low Cost Series and DT-51 Low Cost Series as well as a wide range of microcontrollers and other microprocessors.
  • sensor module (include white connector): 5.2 cm x 1.2 cm  x 1.6 cm 
  • connecting cable: 15 cm 

  • 1 piece DT-SENSE Photoreflector Sensor V2.
  • 1 piece connecting cable.
  • 1 piece DVD that contains a collection of manuals, schematics, testing procedures, support programs