Wednesday, July 18, 2012

VDIP2 VINC1L Module-based USB controller chip from FTDI Vinculum chip VNC1A

The VDIP2 module is an MCU to embedded USB host controller development module for the VNC1L I.C. 
device.The VDIP2 is supplied on a PCB designed to fit into a 40 pin DIP socket, and provides access to the UART, parallel FIFO, and SPI interface pins on the VNC1L device, via its AD and AC bus pins. All other Vinculum I/O pins are also accessable. Not only is it ideal for developing and rapid prototyping of VNC1L designs, but also an attractive quantity discount structure makes this module suitable for incorporation into low and medium volume finished product designs.

The Vinculum VNC1L is the first of FTDI’s Vinculum family of Embedded USB host controller integrated circuit devices. Not only is it able to handle the USB Host Interface, and data transfer functions but owing to the inbuilt MCU and embedded Flash memory, Vinculum can encapsulate the USB device classes as well. When interfacing to mass storage devices such as USB Flash drives, Vinculum also transparently handles the FAT File structure communicating via UART, SPI or parallel FIFO interfaces via a simple to implement command set. Vinculum provides a new cost effective solution for providing USB Host capability into products that previously did not have the hardware resources available. The VNC1L is available in Pb-free (RoHS compliant) compact 48-Lead LQFP package. 

- Single 5V Supply Voltage
- Equipped with LED indicators for power and data
- There are 2 pieces USB socket "A" to the vertical position as the interface with USB devices
- There is a jumper for selection interface UART, parallel FIFO, or SPI
- Available 3.3V power supply lines / 200mA for external circuit
- Update the firmware can be done via USB Flash disk or UART interface
- VNC1L firmware programming control pins PROG # and RESET # Brought out onto jumper interface
- Pb-free and RoHS compilant
- Modules are supplied with a firmware VDIP2 Vinculum VDAP in the sales package