Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The GWS Micro 2BBMG servo motor is less than half the size of a standard-sized servo motor, yet packs an amazing 6.4kg-cm of torque! It features metal gears and a dual ball bearings system for virtually indestructable performance. It's compatible with motors from Futaba, JR, Hitec, Airtronics (Sanwa), Multiplex and other popular servo brands. This servo motor comes with various horns for attachment.

Servo motors are extremely useful in robotics and come in various shapes and sizes. They have built in control circuitry to allow the user to precisely control the position of the motor shaft. Compared to DC motors, servo motors are very powerful for their size.

- Type of round: Standard (180Â °)
- Type of control: PWM
- Working Voltage: 4.8 - 6.0 V
- Current consumption: -
- Maximum Torque: 5.4 kg / cm @ 4.8V
- Rotational speed Maximum: 0:17 sec / ° @ 4.8V 60A
- Dimensions: 28.0 x 14.0 x 29.8 mm
- Weight: 28 g
Note: The 2BBMG designation stands for 2 Ball Bearings + Metal Gears