Thursday, July 12, 2012

HSR-1425CR continuous rotation servo

Introducing the all new HSR-1425CR Continuous Rotation servo. If you are looking for a servo to pan or tilt your small camera or sensor multiple turns, this is the servo you need. If you are looking for a servo to power the wheels on your small robot, this is the servo you need. Fully proportional speed forward and reverse for precise movements. The potentiometer has been taken out and the dead-band increased to eliminate “creep” that occurs in many other servos that are modified for continuous rotation. Dual ball bearings on the output shaft ensure long lasting performance.

- Type of round: Continuous
- Type of control: Analog
- The working voltage: 4.8 VDC - 6VDC
- Current consumption: -
- Maximum Torque: 3.37
- The maximum rotary speed: 52 rpm
- Dimensions: 40.6mm x 19.8mm x 36.6mm
- Weight: 41.7g