Thursday, July 12, 2012

HS-5065MG High Performance Micro Servo

The HS-5065MG High Performance Micro Servo features Hitecs digital, programmable circut for incredible resolution, centering and holding torque; also featuring metal gears, a top-ball bearing, and nearly 31 ounces/inches of torque with a quick transit time of 0.11 sec at 6 volts, it will no doubt be the choice for high performance micro helicopters, electric park flyers, 1/18 scale cars and light duty robotic projects. We offer the new HS-5065MG servo in several configurations, 90° stock rotation, 180° modified rotation (programmed) and reverse rotation.

- Type of round: Standard
- Type of control: Digital
- The working voltage: 4.8 VDC - 6VDC
- Current consumption: -
- Maximum torque: 2.2
- The maximum rotary speed: 0.11 s @ 60 degrees (6VDC)
- Dimensions: 23.37mm x 11.43mm x 23.88mm
- Weight: 11.9g