Thursday, July 12, 2012

HS-85MG mighty micro servo

The HS-85MG takes the 85BB one step further by incorporating metal gears. It offers a top ball bearing for smooth operation and is as powerful as a standard size servo. It is great for small gas and electric aircraft as well as many robotic projects. It has a standard size spline which means it will work with all of our gears and sprockets that mount to Hitec servos.

- Type of round: Standard
- Type of control: Analog
- The working voltage: 4.5 VDC - 6VDC
- Current consumption: -
- Maximum Torque: 3.5 kg / cm (@ 6VDC)
- The maximum rotary speed: 0.14 s @ 60 degrees (6VDC)
- Dimensions: 28.96mm x 12.95mm x 29.97mm
- Weight: 22.1g