Thursday, October 06, 2016

RFM12B-915DP FSK Transceiver COB Module

RFM12B-915DP COB FSK Transceiver Module
RFM12B-915DP is an ISM Band FSK Transceiver module is accompanied by a unique PLL. This module works at a frequency of 915 MHz and fully meets FCC standards and ESCI.
The module has an SPI interface used to send and configure the data of the module. IC on the module serves to adjust the data rate, frequency, data transfer, receiving data from the FIFO 16-bit, and many more.

- Equipped with digital and analog RSSI output
- Equipped with automatic antenna adjustment feature
- Equipped with PLL and zero IF technology
- Fast PLL lock time
- Equipped with high-resolution PLL

Power supply 2.2 - 3.8V
115.2 Kbps data rate (max)
Working frequency 915 MHz
SPI interface
FSK modulation